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A Simple Way to Pray

Prayer really is having a conversation with God as you would with a friend. It’s both speaking and listening. For a beginner or even a veteran here is a simple model to follow called ACTS.

Adoration-reflecting on God Himself. It is to praise Him for qualities like His love, His Power and Majesty, and His wonderful gift of Christ. For help in identifying God’s qualities use the Psalms like Psalm 145, 103, or 23.

Confession-is really admitting your sins to God. Be honest and humble. Confession is for our benefit and helps keep us humble before God. Remember He knows and loves you. 1John 1:8-10 is helpful.

Thanksgiving-telling God how grateful you are for everything He has given you-even the unpleasant things. Your thankfulness will help you to see his purposes.

Supplication-making specific requests, both for others and for yourself. God is interested in the smallest details of life as well as the big ones and everything in between.

Hearing God-write your prayers out in a journal and also include asking God questions like;

Lord, what are you saying to me about me? Or Lord, what else do you want me to know? Listen and write down what you hear.

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